Pandolfini's Puzzler #1 - The Worst Move

Pandolfini's Puzzler #1 - The Worst Move

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National Master Bruce Pandolfini is an acclaimed Chess Book Author, Teacher and Coach. Lessons in his "Pandolfini's Puzzler" column for are fictional stories based on true events from his own lessons.

"In chess, you look for the best move," Professor Pandolfini began. "But if you had to, could you do the opposite? Could you find the worst move? Consider this position."


Question: "What is the worst move Black could play?"

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Zephyr thought it over.

"I think I understand," she said. "Black could lose a rook. That would be bad. Black could lose two rooks. That would be worse. But there's something even worse than that: getting mated. "I think I have it. I know black's worst move."

What was Zephyr's answer?

Answer #1


Zephyr determined that black's worst move is 1...Kd8.

That allows white to mate by 2. Qd6#.

Take note

This type of mating pattern, with black's rooks blocking on both sides, is known as an epaulette mate.


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