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Pandolfini's Puzzler #2 - Ten is Fun

Pandolfini's Puzzler #2 - Ten is Fun

Aug 9, 2013, 12:00 AM 13 Scholastics

Here we go again ChessKids! You've already solved a position from ProfessorPando where you had to find the worst move, now see if you can checkmate a whole army of Black kings in this zany puzzle!
Professor Pandolfini gave Lucian an unusual puzzle. “Suppose that you are on the planet Zugzwang, where chess is played with 10 Black kings, and you arrive at the following position.” 
“On Earth this position is impossible. But on the planet Zugzwang, it is a legal position.”
Question: “On that faraway planet, how can you checkmate all 10 Black kings in one move?”
Answers Below - Try to solve ProfessorPando's Puzzle first!
Lucian was confused for a moment. But in less than a minute, he had the answer.
Answer to Puzzler #2
Lucian figured out that White can checkmate all 10 kings with 1.Nd3-e5#!
Remarkably, each of the 10 kings is in check and Black has no legal reply. Indeed, all 10 kings are mated!

Take note
White’s winning move is called a discovery or discovered attack.  
A discovery relies on two friendly units: a moving unit and a stationary unit.
The best discoveries are those in which both friendly units, moving and stationary, do something good.


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