Personal Mona Lisa of GM Utut Adianto

Personal Mona Lisa of GM Utut Adianto‎

GM Gserper
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While doing research for last week's article about GM Klaus Bischoff's best game, I found the next cute attack where GM Bischoff was on the receiving end of a combo.

(Just like in most of my articles I give you a chance to test your attacking skills, so the game is given as a Quiz.  Please remember that you can always replay the whole game from the first move if you click "Solution" and then "Move list".)


This game gave me an idea to check what is the best game GM Utut Adianto ever played. He is an ideal candidate for our research since he is one of many Grandmasters who is not well known by the general public and yet made certain contributions to our favorite game.  Here I need to give a disclaimer though.  I said that he is not well known for by the general public, but over 230 Million Indonesian people would beg to differ.  I played an International tournament in Jakarta in 1995 and could witness that Utut is a major celebrity there.  Also in that tournament I had a chance to see how GM Adianto annihilated a good friend of mine, Czech Grandmaster Pavel Blatny:
With his sharp style, GM Adianto has produced many nice combinations like these, so let me show you one more attacking game where he checkmated his opponent in just 13 moves!
In case you are wondering why I am showing you this game where White was clearly not a match for GM Adianto, let me tell you the story of the game. Indonesian top illusionist Deddy Corbuzier had challenged GM Utut Adianto to a chess match. So, in 2009 they played a game on National TV. Of course Grandmaster Adianto easily beat the magician.  But immediately after the game was over, Deddy Corbuzier opened an envelope and showed the final position of the game saying that he predicted the whole game. So, as the magician claims: "The match ended with an even result. Master Deddy Corbuzier still the master mentalist, Grand Master Utut Adianto still the Chess Grand Master."
Now, let me present you the game that should be called Utut Adianto's Chess Mona Lisa.
At first the position in the diagram looks like a usual slightly boring position of the Queen's Gambit Declined.  Most of Black's pieces are located as far from White's King as is possible.  Can you imagine that the Qa8 will checkmate White's King in a matter of just 10 moves!? So, the first question is how Black should start his attack?
Even though Black has achieved a lot, his attack over the open 'h' file doesn't look that dangerous yet.  How should he continue?
Congratulations Utut, just one game like this makes you a great Artist!
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