Play Judit Polgar In The Global Chess Festival Online!
20 fortunate players will get a rare opportunity to play the legendary Judit Polgar in a simul with the Global Chess Festival Online.

Play Judit Polgar In The Global Chess Festival Online!

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Judit Polgar (@JuditPolgar), unarguably the greatest female player of all time and one of the greatest attacking players of all time, will play 20 fortunate opponents on as part of the Global Chess Festival Online. This simultaneous display will take place the day prior to the main Global Chess Festival on .

This year's fourth annual Global Chess Festival will take place all-day Saturday, October 13. The venue is the breathtaking Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.

Judit Polgar notes that the “the Global Chess Festival promotes the 1,000 faces of chess all around​ the world. We aim to share the beauty of chess with five million people by 2025, to connect and enjoy chess-related activities on the day of the festival. The power of chess connects people.”

In cooperation with the Global Chess Festival, will be hosting the aforementioned simul on Friday night and a 24-hour arena tournament running Friday through Saturday. More information is coming soon! To keep up with all of this, be sure to join the Global Chess Festival club on

Play Judit Polgar

Twenty players will be selected to play Judit Polgar in the simultaneous display. The event will be a clock simul in which participants will receive 30 minutes on their clocks while Judit will play with 90 minutes.

Participants will be selected to represent the diverse countries, cultures, and perspectives which chess binds together. To be considered, simply fill out the registration form. The registration deadline is 8 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, October 9.

Watch the Twitch Stream

Those not selected or able to play will still be able to enjoy the show with a live Twitch stream on

IM Anna Rudolf (@Anna_Rudolf) will provide live commentary on the games and will be live with Judit in Hungary. Polgar will be joining the stream as well, providing occasional commentary while playing.

To whet your appetite for this event, here is one fun attacking game Judit won against a staff member, Simon, while preparing for this event. Doubtless Judit will win more attacking games next week, but will any members also manage to land a blow?

Learn About Judit

Judit Polgar is the greatest female player of all time. She was born in Hungary in 1976. Her father, László Polgár, trained her and her sisters Zsuzsa and Zsófia intensively in chess from a young age and all reached great heights.

Here are a few of her many achievements.

  • Youngest player (age 12) to enter the world's top 100 rated chess players.
  • Youngest grandmaster (age 15) since Bobby Fischer.
  • Number-one rated female player from 1989 to 2014.
  • Peak rating of 2735 in 2005.
  • Author of a best-selling chess book series about her games and life.

Judit Polgar, Female Chess Player, Global Chess Festival

Judit Polgar. | Photo: Maria Emelianova, is proud to collaborate with Judit Polgar and the Global Chess Festival on this event, an incredible opportunity to celebrate the global chess community. #ChessConnectsUs

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