How To Play Like A Super Grandmaster

How To Play Like A Super Grandmaster

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The last couple of months were a real paradise for true chess aficionados. The world's top events (including the world championship!) followed one after another.

Today, I offer you an opportunity to test your chess skills and find the star moves played by super grandmasters at the key moments of their battles. It shouldn't be that difficult for the loyal readers of our column since we discussed all these ideas in our previous articles. 

Let's start with a simple one:

If you followed this tournament closely and are now surprised to see the result as 0:1, while the official crosstable shows a draw, don't worry, there is no discrepancy. In the real game Black missed this simple trick and the game ended in a draw:

If you are wondering how is it possible that two extremely strong GMs missed this basic combo, please check this article. You'll see that it couldn't be any different, since by some strange reason super grandmasters miss this combination on a regular basis!

Before we look at another exciting game from the same tournament, I recommend you to check my old article. Now it should be easy for you to find the way Vladimir Kramnik started his attack against GM Morozevich:

To find Kramnik's typical maneuver is easy if you are familiar with the game Serper-Dokutchaev, which we analyzed here.

Here is how Kramnik finished his brilliant attack:

Now let's move to the city of Sochi and play like Magnus Carlsen! If it is difficult for you to find the world champion's following move, try this article first!

And now punish Black for his horrible blunder:

Let me finish this article with another gem from Magnus Carlsen. It is difficult to believe looking at this relatively quiet position that the game will last just 10 more moves.  

Try to find these 10 brilliant moves by Carlsen!


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