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Playing unorthodox chess

Oct 26, 2008, 12:00 AM 2 Tactics

Miles was in many ways a controversial figure. Once, in the last round of a tournament with Miles needing a draw for first place, and his opponent wanting a draw for a high placing, he agreed a draw without playing any moves. The arbiter decided to give both players no points for this non-game; the players claimed this "game" had been played often, when players pre-arranged a draw. Today we are going to see the game he played against World Champion (at that time) Karpov with an unusual opening and went on to win it.









Afterwards Karpov really went after Miles and although Miles managed to win again in 1983 again with black pieces. After this game, Karpov won 8 games, lost 1 and the remaining 11 were draws.

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