Playing With the Correct Mind Set

| 5 | Strategy

Having the correct mindset when going into a chess game is critical in the way you play out the game, even if you only need a draw. My coach told me that you play what the position gives you and go from there. I was recently at the Ontario Open in  Ottawa and I was playing my final game for the prize money. All my opponent needed to win was a draw so I was forced to try for a win. My opponent let me know before the game that he is only playing for a draw because that is all he needed. Not having the correct mindset when going into a game can hurt your play critically and you can eventually fumble and lose the game. But on the other hand pushing for the advantage and making unnecessary risks can cause you problems that can lose you a game. Here is the final game of the Ontario Open in the Under 1600 category for all the money. Enjoy.







The mindset of my opponent was set to just obtain a draw. This cannot be the correct mindset when playing games. The quiet moves that he played only caused me to obtain an advantage and win the game.