Positional Rxe6 Sacrifice - Part Two

Positional Rxe6 Sacrifice - Part Two

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Last week we discussed the basic ideas of the Rxe6 (or Rxe3 for Black) positional exchange sacrifice. Today let me present the hit parade of games where this effective and useful chess tool was utilized.

7th Place - GM Vlastimil Hort and his total domination on the dark squares (check out the position after 40...Ng3+):

6th Place goes to Sergey Grishchenko and his pretty checkmate against a strong opponent.

5th Place is earned by GM  Alexander Grischuk for his knowledge of the classical heritage (compare to the 2nd place game Tal - Kolarov!)

4th Place GM Mikhail Krasenkow for creating a miniature against a very solid GM who doesn't lose very often.

3rd Place to GM Veselin Topalov for two masterpieces:

2nd Place to Mikhail Tal for being one of the first chess players to execute this positional exchange sac!

And the Winner is (a drum roll please!).... Garry Kasparov!  For the following "triplets" against very strong opponents (including the World Championship match!!):

I hope to see a name of one of our readers in the next edition of the Rxe6 (Rxe3) sacrifice hit parade!

Good luck

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