3 Tips To Solve Tactics

3 Tips To Solve Tactics‎

IM hellokostya
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The best way to improve your tactical skill is through practice; the more you solve, the stronger you'll become. If you're not sure how to go about solving tactics, this three step guide is for you:

  • First, look at all the possible checks in the position. Checkmate ends the game, so your first priority should be to look for any potential mating ideas. By looking at checks first, you're going to see moves that can force your opponent's king out in the open or into a corner/possible mating net. 
  • Second, look at all possible captures. If you're unable to set up a mating combination, captures are your next best bet, as they are also a type of forcing move. Don't be afraid to consider sacrifices -- many combinations start with a sacrifice in order to win even more material.
  • Third, look for undefended or vulnerable pieces. If one or more of your opponent's pieces are undefended, there's a good chance they can be vulnerable to a double attack. By "scanning" the board for unprotected pieces, your mind may make connections between potential tactical ideas that you otherwise may have missed. Often a tactical combination will involve a check, capture, AND an undefended piece or two!

If you are new to solving tactics, check out this video series on tactical patterns to boost your knowledge of the most common tactics in chess. Remember, consistently solving puzzles is the best way to improve your tactical vision, check out Chess.com's Tactics Trainer today!

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