Premature resignation misses miracle escape

Premature resignation misses miracle escape

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There is nothing more frustrating than resigning in a winning position, but in today's game the player can be forgiven because the winning line is truly manaical. However, it serves to remind us that you must consider all captures in every complicated position!

While working on the new edition of my book on the Catalan opening (Ishi
Press, forthcoming). I
got hold of Bolris Avrukh's excellent grandmaster repertoire book
Repertoire, Volum e 1: 1.d4, Quality Chess 2008) which covers
many Catalan lines. This book contains very deep analysis with what seems
to be
through computer checking, but nevertheless I have found a few spots where
he should have let his silicon assistant ponder a bit longer. In one
stunning example I found a position where black resigned, where black
actually has the advantage after a fantastic series of moves that I found
with the help of the Houdini computer program. I present that game below,
together with a few other improvements that I came across. It just goes
to show that no matter how thorough you think you have been, there is
often still more to be discovered. If you apply enough patience.

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