4 Players Advance To Puzzle Battle World Championship On Jan. 2
IM Christopher Yoo was one of four players to clinch his spot in the Puzzle Battle World Championship.

4 Players Advance To Puzzle Battle World Championship On Jan. 2

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Nearly 100 players from across the world squared off in the Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifier, and just four players have advanced to the main event. With their performances on Dec. 20, Dimitirios Ladopoulos (@jimis98), IM Hans Niemann (@HansCoolNiemann), IM Christopher Yoo (@ChristopherYoo), and GM Steven Zierk (@ZKid) have all clinched their spots to play in the Puzzle Battle World Championship on Jan. 2.

Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifiers

In the first qualifier of the day, Puzzle Battle specialist Ladopoulos (jimis98) outlasted a tough field including multiple grandmasters and strong international masters. He scored a combined 145 across three battles to book his place in the main tournament as the first non-titled player in history to play in a top-tier marquee event.

In the second qualifier, IM Hans Niemann nearly matched Ladopoulos' performance by topping well-known stars such as GMs Daniel Naroditsky, Andrew Tang, Nihal Sarin, Praggnanandhaa and Eric Hansen. Both IM Christopher Yoo and Steven Zierk earned their respective spots in the Puzzle Battle World Championship by having the highest scores outside of Ladopoulos and Niemann in the day's event. All scores from the qualifying participants can be found here with qualifier-one players highlighted in green and qualifier-two players highlighted in red.

Both Yoo (13) and Niemann (16) will be among the youngest players in the main event. Yoo, who is the second youngest American international master, is the youngest player in history to qualify for a top-tier marquee event.

Here's all the information you need to follow the Puzzle Battle World Championship:

How To Qualify

Puzzle Battle World Championship QualificationThis year's Puzzle Battle World Championship offers a unique opportunity to qualify for every member of Between Nov. 22 and Dec. 15, you can secure your position in one of two qualification tournaments by completing the following:

  1. Stream/Record A Successful Three-Minute Puzzle Rush With A Score Of 35 Or More: The streamed (or recorded) clip must include a full-screen capture and a webcam where you are fully visible for the duration of the clip. The cursor must also be visible on screen for the duration.
  2. Tweet the clip* at using the hashtag #PuzzleBattle: will certify your submission by messaging you privately on Twitter. The best submissions will be liked and retweeted by the official account. Please give the social media team at least 24 hours to certify your tweet. Posts on Facebook are also acceptable, but you must tag for the post to be eligible.
  3. Clean Fair Play Record: You must have a clean fair play record to confirm a position in the qualification tournament. By submitting a clip, you agree to a full fair play scan on recent games. A representative will send an email to you that confirms entry to the qualification tournament.

*Note that the maximum video clip length on Twitter is about two minutes. To submit on Twitter, please attach a YouTube or Twitch link to your tweet!

Please note that if you do qualify for the Puzzle Battle Qualification tournament, you will have to provide basic information to and be available live on camera for a viewing audience for the duration of the event.

To learn more about how to set-up a stream/recording with a webcam and capture your browser window, watch this video tutorial from eSports Producer Aran Graham:

Want to boost your number of Puzzle Rush attempts? Click here to learn more!


    In the qualifier, every player will have three Puzzle Battle attempts against a random opponent from their hemisphere to try and boost their cumulative score—the sum of all puzzles correctly solved in the three attempts. While the event will be divided into two halves to accommodate players from both hemispheres, four players will advance to the Puzzle Battle World Championship on Jan. 2, 2020 by meeting one of the following criteria:

    1. Winner of Qualifier 1
    2. Winner of Qualifier 2
    3. Highest scoring player across both qualifiers (that did not win their qualifier)
    4. Second-highest scoring player across both qualifiers (that did not win their qualifier)

    Tiebreakers for the Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifiers are as follows:

    1. Player's single-best Puzzle Battle score
    2. Player's second-best Puzzle Battle score
    3. Player's bullet rating
    4. Player's blitz rating

    Note that the head-to-head results in a player's Puzzle Battle pairing are not considered as tiebreakers because the pairings take each player's hemisphere into account more than relative strength.

    Confirmed Players

    Players who have earned their positions in the Puzzle Battle World Championship and passed's rigorous fair play check are listed below. Please note that this is not a live list, and some players may not be confirmed until after Dec. 15:

    Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifier | Qualifier 1

    # Player Username Bullet
    1 CM Elie Milikow elm2007 3016
    2 Dimitrios Ladopoulos jimis98 2771
    3 FM Yoav Milikow yoavjm_2004 2752
    4 IM Artyom Zubritskiy Zubrrr 2700
    5 Kevin Bordi Blitzstream 2677
    6 IM Abdulla Gadimbayli GadimbayliA 2668
    7 Mahdi Gholami Orimi ChessGrunts 2655
    8 FM Rohit Krishna S srohithkrishna 2637
    9 Alex Papasimakopoulos AlexPapasimakopoulos 2635
    10 FM Kamil Plichta KamilPlichta 2630
    11 IM Levy Rozman GothamChess 2616
    12 GM Alexandra Kosteniuk ChessQueen 2571
    13 GM Luca Moroni moro182 2564
    14 Aakash Dalvi Aakash-Dalvi7 2553
    15 Tihon Chernyaev PeshkaCh 2521
    16 FM Vasily Volovich BlackBoarder 2499
    17 IM Kostya Kavutskiy hellokostya 2498
    18 FM Gellert Karacsonyi Karacsonyi_Gellert 2474
    19 GM Adham Fawzy Adham_Fawzy 2460
    20 FM Deniz Arman Fedamaster 2458
    21 IM Karina Ambartsumova karinachess1 2455
    22 FM Oleg Kislov Kislov_Oleg 2414
    23 Arthur de Winter CrazyAdvenTures 2406
    24 FM Isak Storme Stormeman100100 2387
    25 IM Kostis Megalios kosmeg 2337
    26 Emin Ohanyan OhanyanEminChess 2331
    27 FM Razvan-Stefan Dicu dicuvich 2328
    28 FM Omar Garcia Blanco AttackSparrow 2325
    29 FM Jonás Prado Lobo jopralo 2302
    30 WIM Chelsie Ignesias Sihite chemoighte 2301
    31 GM Roeland Pruijssers RoelandPruijssers 2295
    32 Lorenzo Cocconcelli Bugchamp1 2256
    33 FM Thibault Dudognon BrooklynFreestyle 2202
    34 FM Luka Budisavljevic LuckyLuka04 2200
    35 Dragos Corlatescu dragoscorlatescu 2190
    36 IM Timur Balabayev tbalabayev 2184
    37 FM Henry Li yellowdragoon 2115
    38 Péter Majnay t3te 2053
    39 WIM Rucha Pujari NeedForKnight 1965
    40 Georgios Kanakaris Pelopidass 1912
    41 Hamdi Mehri Hampovsky 1897
    42 Sreyas Payyappat payyappat 1725
    43 Célian Verat Rooster222 1704
    44 William Zheng ScorpionBloodKing 1510
    45 Slobodan Pistalovic SlobodanPistalovic 1400

    Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifier | Qualifier 2

    # Player Username Bullet
    1 GM Daniel Naroditsky DanielNaroditsky 3209
    2 GM Nihal Sarin nihalsarin 3119
    3 GM Andrew Tang penguingm1 3068
    4 GM Eric Hansen erichansen 2871
    5 IM Hans Niemann HansCoolNiemann 2842
    6 GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi Last7Samurai 2763
    7 GM Krikor Mekhitarian gmkrikor 2721
    8 GM Aman Hambleton KNVB 2708
    9 GM Steven Zierk ZKid 2707
    10 GM John Daniel Bryant JDBryant 2649
    11 GM Praggnanandhaa R rpragchess 2648
    12 IM Raunak Sadhwani champ2005 2632
    13 IM Eric Rosen IMRosen 2595
    14 IM Alexander Katz Cryptochess 2587
    15 GM Fidel Corrales ficorrales 2581
    16 Jason Morefield ChessicallyInclined 2527
    17 Gunnar Andersen CoachGunnar 2519
    18 Andrew Lu dawnrule 2500
    19 Jeevan Karamsetty NMJeevanK 2492
    20 Isaac Chiu nochewycandy 2462
    21 Ben Finegold GMBenjaminFinegold 2449
    22 Jack Rodgers IMJackRodgers 2390
    23 Vaishali R Vaishali2001 2388
    24 Dalton Perrine MattyDPerrine 2354
    25 Wesley Falcao ChessRevelation 2350
    26 Zehn Nasir stolencandy13 2347
    27 Varun Krish vnkm 2347
    28 Anthony Atanasov AnthonyAtanasov 2324
    29 Elijah Logozar LogoCzar 2323
    30 Bryan Hu ChessNinja48 2310
    31 Juan Cruz Arias quickunexpected 2308
    32 Julian Proleiko julianproleiko 2300
    33 Zachary Tanenbaum Beanscreen 2263
    34 John Williams budda 2260
    35 Tanuj Vasudeva Hariputter 2259
    36 Justin Liang Agent-JL 2254
    37 Daniel Cheng cjxchess17 2253
    38 Michel Coto michechess89 2227
    39 Skyler Tunc chessguy1012 2213
    40 Aakash Meduri e4ofhearts 2174
    41 Christopher Yoo ChristopherYoo 2155
    42 Sam Copeland SamCopeland 2096
    43 Jeremy Bader JBades6310 2026
    44 Marcello Villaba boasovietica 1945
    45 Marc-Andria Battesti D-blindbugger 1937
    46 Linden Li mattcolins2025 1800
    47 Ryan Murphy RyanMurphy5 1771

    The confirmed players list was last updated on Dec. 17, 2019 at 1:08 p.m. Pacific.

    The exact time of each player's pairing will be publicly released shortly after Dec. 15 after all qualifier submissions are reviewed.


    The Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifiers will be broadcast live on on Dec. 20. The broadcast archives will be published on YouTube and Viewers can also watch the battles on

    Tournament Date
    Eastern Hemisphere Qualification 8 a.m. Pacific, Dec. 20, 2019
    Western Hemisphere Qualification 4 p.m. Pacific, Dec. 20, 2019

    Each player will be assigned a specific 15-minute slot in one of the two qualification tournaments to complete their three Puzzle Battle attempts. Players who fail to show up at their specified times will be disqualified from the tournament.


    Below are the pairings for both Qualifier 1 and 2. Every player is required at least 15 minutes prior to their start time, and failure to do so is grounds for immediate disqualification.

    As mentioned before head-to-head results in a player's Puzzle Battle pairing are not considered as tiebreakers because the pairings take each player's hemisphere into account more than relative strength.

    Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifier Pairings | Qualifier 1, 8 a.m. PT

    Player Time Player
    GM Alexandra Kosteniuk 8:00 WIM Chelsie Ignesias Sihite
    Aakash Dalvi 8:00 FM Rohit Krishna S
    WIM Rucha Pujari 8:15 IM Karina Ambartsumova
    IM Artyom Zubritskiy 8:15 FM Vasily Volovich
    IM Abdulla Gadimbayli 8:30 IM Timur Balabayev
    Slobodan Pistalovic 8:30 Emin Ohanyan
    Mahdi Gholami Orimi 8:45 FM Oleg Kislov
    Tihon Chernyaev 8:45 FM Razvan-Stefan Dicu
    Dragos Corlatescu 9:05 FM Deniz Arman
    IM Kostis Megalios 9:05 Alex Papasimakopoulos
    IM Kostya Kavutskiy 9:20 Péter Majnay
    FM Kamil Plichta 9:20 FM Gellert Karacsonyi
    GM Adham Fawzy 9:35 FM Luka Budisavljevic
    Lorenzo Cocconcelli 9:35 FM Isak Storme
    Sreyas Payyappat 9:50 FM Thibault Dudognon
    Kevin Bordi 9:50 Célian Verat
    FM Jonás Prado Lobo 10:10 FM Omar Garcia Blanco
    Hamdi Mehri 10:10 FM Henry Li
    GM Luca Moroni 10:25 IM Levy Rozman
    William Zheng 10:25 Arthur de Winter
    Dimitrios Ladopoulos 10:40 GM Roeland Pruijssers

    Puzzle Battle World Championship Qualifier Pairings | Qualifier 2, 4 p.m. PT

    Player Time Player
    CM Anthony Atanasov 4:00 WIM Vaishali R
    GM Praggnanandhaa R 4:00 GM Nihal Sarin
    IM Raunak Sadhwani 4:15 IM Marcello Villaba
    Elijah Logozar 4:15 Skyler Tunc
    FM Jason Morefield 4:30 NM John Williams
    NM Varun Krish 4:30 NM Bryan Hu
    Zachary Tanenbaum 4:45 Ryan Murphy
    NM Justin Liang 4:45 NM Aakash Meduri
    GM Krikor Mekhitarian 5:05 GM Aman Hambleton
    NM Linden Li 5:05 NM Gunnar Andersen
    NM Andrew Lu 5:20 NM Aakash Meduri
    GM Oleks Bortnyk 5:20 FM Josiah Stearman
    IM Eric Rosen 5:35 NM Isaac Chiu
    FM Dalton Perrine 5:35 Jack Rodgers
    NM Wesley Falcao 5:50 Daniel Cheng
    NM Zehn Nasir 5:50 IM Alexander Katz
    IM Christopher Yoo 6:10 IM Hans Niemann
    IM John Daniel Bryant 6:10 GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi
    Marc-Andria Battesti 6:25 Jeremy Bader
    NM Julian Proleiko 6:25 GM Steven Zierk
    FM Tanuj Vasudeva 6:40 NM Jeevan Karamsetty
    GM Eric Hansen 6:40 GM Fidel Corrales
    Alex Yu 6:55 Juan Cruz Arias
    GM Daniel Naroditsky 6:55 GM Andrew Tang

    Unpaired players will register their three Puzzle Battle attempts against a stationary user. The unpaired player's score for each round will count normally towards their cumulative score.


    Puzzle Battle World Championship Prizes

    The Puzzle Battle World Championship offers $11,000 in prizes across all phases of the tournament. The top two qualifier winners will each earn $150 in addition to a berth to the main event on Jan. 2, 2020. The third and fourth players two qualify for the Puzzle Battle World Championship will earn $50 each.

    Puzzle Battle

    Puzzle Battle, one of the newest features on, allows players to compete directly in Puzzle Rush live. In this new version of Puzzle Rush, you play against a single opponent and face the same sequence of puzzles in a three-minute Rush to see whose tactics are sharper! As you participate, you get a Puzzle Battle rating that is used to pair you with future opponents.

    Puzzle Battle

    Currently Puzzle Rush and Puzzle Battle are unlimited for's Diamond and Platinum members. Gold members are limited to five Puzzle Rushes and five Puzzle Battles a day. Basic members can attempt each game mode once a day. Want to boost your chance to qualify? Check out our membership options here.

    To learn more about Seasons and Puzzle Battle ratings, click here. To get a head start on the competition, start training today! 

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