Puzzle Rush: Confirmed Records
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Puzzle Rush: Confirmed Records‎

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Puzzle Rush has quickly become one of our most beloved features on Chess.com! Users have become deeply invested in their best scores and the best scores of their heroes. Strong and dedicated players have even made an effort to memorize our puzzle database of over 65,000+ puzzles.

To celebrate documented best scores, we are creating an official article here. Consistent with record attempts in other domains, we are inviting competitors to submit video proof of their best attempts to fairplay@chess.com to have their scores listed here.

1. IM Casper Schoppen, Confirmed Record: 70

Casper's incredible scores of 70+ exposed a bug on site where once the difficulty has been maxed out, puzzles repeat. In the future, we will patch this and will reset our leaderboard.

2. GM Ray Robson, Confirmed Record: 57, Unrecorded Best: 62

3. IM Hans Niemann, Confirmed Record: 56

4. GM Hikaru Nakamura, Confirmed Record: 55

5. GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Confirmed Record: 53, Unrecorded Best: 57

Watch MVL Scores 53 On Stream In Puzzle Rush from Chess on www.twitch.tv

6. GM Daniel Naroditsky, Confirmed Record: 53, Unrecorded Best: 55

Watch Midday Blitz from DrDragonitsky on www.twitch.tv

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