"Tactics Trainer: Good and Bad"

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If you have been a basic member on for some time, you'd know that there is a "tactics trainer" which lets you do some chess problems at a daily basis. It is a really nice interactive program that gives you a huge variety of chess problems. Smile

But, as a basic member, I only get a very limited access. Frown 3 problems for every 24 hours. Although that is very low, I'm OK in realizing that if I get like 100 problems per day I'd waste my time on and run out of problems quickly. Surprised

The problem I always have is that I always get about 15 minutes later than my "24-hour-no-tactics-trainer" time. This is what I mean. Say one day I get to my computer for my tactics trainer at 4:00 PM. The next day I get to my computer at 4:15 because I have to do some other stuff. This keeps on getting pushed back and back until the earliest I can do my chess puzzles is around midnight, when I want to be sleeping.

What I want to do *cough*Erik*cough* is change the time between my 3 problems. Instead of 24 hours, could you make it something like 23 hours, giving everyone some extra time to move around their daily schedule? I know that it would really help me out. Thanks.

P.S. Congraulations if you actually read through the whole thing!!! Laughing

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