5 Reasons To Watch The Streamers Challenge

5 Reasons To Watch The Streamers Challenge

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The Let's Play Streamers Challenge will kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. Pacific on and

Watch the most popular chess video streamers in the world go head-to-head in a $3,000 prize-pool tournament as they broadcast and comment on their games.

FM Mike Klein has your proper news preview of the event, but here are some more reasons to watch one of the biggest tournaments ever this Wednesday. 

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GeorgMeier -- Georg Meier
SultanOfKings -- Jon Ludvig Hammer
Dlugy -- Max Dlugy
AlexanderL -- Alex Lenderman
erichansen -- Eric Hansen
zibbit -- Ingvar Johannesson
ginger_gm -- Simon Williams
ShahMatKanal -- Evgenij Novikov
fins0905 -- John Bartholomew
DanielRensch -- Danny Rensch
BlitzStream -- Kevin Bordi
chessexplained -- Christof Sielecki
greg_shahade -- Greg Shahade
MattyDPerrine -- Matt Perrine
Snooze -- Richard Gladwell
jdcannon -- JD Cannon
somuchbetterthanu -- Mike Kummer
rynos0411 -- Ryan Hamley
KatimValim -- Ruslan Gabitov
ShahmatTV -- Aibek Toksan
ThelMightyHutch -- Shaun Hutchinson
sullivan1513 -- Alexander Sullivan
BrotherJosh -- Joshua Sampson

timalick -- Mike Reis


1.  Watch world-class GMs against top streaming experts.

Grandmasters including Georg Meier, Jon Ludwig Hammer, Max Dlugy, Eric Hansen, and Simon Williams will try their hands (and mice) against chess streaming celebrities like IM Danny Rensch, IM John Bartholomew, ChessExplained, Blitzstream, Hutch, and many more. Click each player's name above to view his personal stream during the event. 

Will the grandmasters be able to best the chess streamers on their own online turf? It's a different game when you have to comment while playing, and some of the streamers might far outperform their traditional ratings. 

2. It's the largest prize pool yet.

With $3,000 cash on the line, you can be sure this event will stoke the competitive flames of every player involved. And don't forget that you fans have the power to determine a full $1,000 of the prize distribution, with $500 each going to the player with the most viewers on his stream and the player voted the fan favorite after the event. 

3. It’s the tournament chess fans asked for specifically.

Born from a Reddit thread where GM Simon Williams was doing a group interview (an AMA), the Streamers Challenge was organized by in response to popular demand. You asked for it, so don't miss it this Wednesday. This is your chance to find out which of the best chess streamers in the world will emerge as the one true streaming king.

4. Whip around to any stream you want -- or let us show you the best games.

As a Let's Play Streamers challenge viewer, you get to decide which channels you want to watch, since every participant is required to stream and comment on all of his games. Wander around the virtual dial to the most exciting games in progress at your whim. Can't decide which games to watch? Then follow the official stream, which will provide hosted commentary by IM Rensch for his games and also live look-ins at the best games each round. 

5. Enjoy both the chess and the outrageous commentary.

Titled Tuesday may have more grandmasters, but there is nothing else like the Streamers Challenge when it comes to fun chess personalities.

Just take a look at the Ginger GM in his natural habitat, making chess fun for all his viewers. 

GM Williams and many more outgoing chess masters (including IM Danny Rensch) will be on hand for your viewing pleasure.

As IM Rensch asked on Reddit, "are you not entertained?"

We hope you enjoy this tournament, and we'll see you on,, the live chess server, and the many other channels listed above at 1 p.m. PDT this Wednesday, Sept. 16. 

Let us know who you think will win this event in the comments below. 

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