Saitek Expert Chess Computer Review

Saitek Expert Chess Computer Review

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Saitek have a patchy record of great chess computers - there's an element of unreliability (everything is made in cheaper countries these days) and some chess machines are average, some poor and some good. The Saitek 'Expert' is an example of 'good'. Very 'good'. It's their best electronic chess machine they do. Amazingly, rumours pesist that they are de-listing the model from their range - retailers are at a loss to know why.

The model is also reviewed at this dedicated chess computer blog where it's described in excelling terms - and it's picked as one of the four best machines available (and best in it's narrowed/vertical class) at this Squidoo chess computer page, so the machine is clearly excellent. Other examples of Saitek are all imperfect in some way - but the Expert is very well built and very strong in engine strength (in excess of 2000 elo). It does have a small weakness of having poor quality pieces - they're plastic and are torn off a plastic strip like old model aircraft kits for kids - but this is forgiven once the user feels the overiding quality of the general machine. The holes for the pegs are sure, the sensors at the base of the hole are accurate and sensitive, and the machine generally has a feeling of quality.

So what do Saitek have in mind for the model? If you go to Saitek's site (saitek-dot-com), the USA shows the model available, but the UK section doesn't list the model. It did show it, the unit has been removed. One of the distributers in the UK says it is being de-listed, but another distributer in the UK knows nothing of this. If de-listing is the way forward, we desperately hope they have a better model in mind to replace it with, but if not - it's surely a sub-optimal intention, the Saitek Expert is the best chess machine they do.

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