Semi Slav g6 System by GM Magesh and GM Arun

Semi Slav g6 System by GM Magesh and GM Arun‎

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23 | Opening Theory

In recent times due to advances in opening theory, Black is struggling to equalize in most of the systems. There is no opening for Black in which he can guarantee a comfortable position from which he can play for a win.

These days everybody has access to recent games, analysis from top Grandmasters, and opening books. If you think you can remember a lot of opening theory, it is easy to build your own repertoire with White and trouble the Black player, even if he is much stronger and higher rated, with your in-depth opening preparation.  Even if Black is well prepared, White always has the choice of safe or drawish systems where Black can equalize but can never think of winning. Many lower rated players are always satisfied with a draw against higher rated players, and opening preparation will always help them to that end.

Facing a game with the Black pieces, a player who wants to play for a win can choose a rare system in which his opponent might not have great preparation. In this case, the game will not be decided by opening preparation.  This week we shall see a new idea in the Semi-Slav which has been played by GM Sasikiran a couple of times.


This idea seems to be a combination of the Slav and the Grunfeld. Since the position remains closed, Black decides to take his time in completing his development and does not hesitate to make a pawn move for the fourth time. Today we shall see the game between Sriram Jha and Sasikiran. 
Sometimes it's really good to win such a game. In the final position the material was equal but White had a horrible position. Black had almost every possible advantage in the ending: he had a fantastic outpost, his Rook was on 7th Rank and his King was centralized. Black enjoyed a comfortable advantage after the exchange of the dark-squared Bishops on move 22, following several inaccuracies by White causing and amount of opening initiative to dissolve. Black made a fantastic exchange plan and soon White found himself in trouble. 
Instead of long, theoretical opening lines, it is possible to play rare systems in which your chances of beating your opponent are high when your playing strength is better than your opponent's. This way the game is focused more on your strengths. This system or similar kinds of systems can be used against players who are quite well prepared in the openings to take them away from their area of expertise.
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