Slaying the Dragon (again....)

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Alright, I admit that I'm not a great player but this game is the best that I've played so far. Of course I must also give credit to my opponent who gave me this opportunity for the combinations. This game was played quite some time ago (I think a around a year ago now). It was the last game of the tournament and I needed a win to come first. I forgot the name of the opponent as I lost the score sheet but I at least remembered the game. So here it is! A game inspired by Fischer's game with Bent Larsen. I wiped my opponent from the board in a kitchen sink assult the same way Fischer beat Larsen and came out with a win that involved sacrificing pawns (which he wisely did not take,) a bishop and a rook (he took these two. Hehe). Please give me comments and any thoughts. Thanks and lastly, enjoy.