Smyslov Smackdown

  • GM CaptainJames
  • | Mar 26, 2012

This week I would like to present to you a great attacking game from Vassily Smyslov, the 7th World Champion! It is not easy to say what was his biggest strength in chess. He was simply fantastic in all areas of the game! He played three World Championship matches with Botvinnik. In 1954 the score was tied and the old Champion retained his title. However in 1957, at the age of 36, Smyslov managed to win and completely deservedly took the crown! Here is an interesting game by Smyslov: with a great pawn sacrifice, he forces the king of his Polish opponent to stay in the center, then launches a devastating attack. Let's sit back and enjoy!

However, our hero had a devilish idea, started in the previous move. Can you find it?

So.... what did Smyslov have planned here???

How did Smyslov build his attack to decisive proportions here?

(You can play through the full game again by clicking on the first move, and then clicking forward). As you could see, just a very small inaccuracy by White in the opening (6.Ne5), was enough for Smyslov to take the initiative and use his brilliant fantasy! For more information about Chess Evolution see another site.


  • 2 years ago


    Attack, Attack by the opening. Good games! 

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    tnx very nice

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  • 4 years ago


    Where did Smyslov's rating come from? Surely not from 1952!

  • 4 years ago


    Smyslov played this game like P. Morphy.His chess style was "modern Morphy style" ! -very typical example!

  • 4 years ago

    IM pfren

    14.Bc1 is not a move a human would play, and anyway Black has full compensation.

    Houdini is materialistic as always, but if you let him think for quite some time after 14.Bc1 Nh6 15.e4 f5 16.ef6 gf6 17.Qe3 Bc5 (Smyslov would surely play that) 18.Qf3 Nf7 19.Qxf6 Rd6, his evaluation drops to +0.35, and it's extremely difficult for white to find the unique defensive moves from that position.

  • 4 years ago


    Smyslov belongs on every list of the top ten players ever. Just ask Kasparov and Fischer.

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    Very deep game, hard to find the correct moves all the time. Bit more commentry explaining each move would be better and make game easier to understand.

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    brilliant attack!

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    According to houdini analysis, if white played 14. Bc1 Nh6 15. e4 etc white has an advantage of +0,47.

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    Yes, the purpose of Qe3 is to achieve the outcome of B

    Say if B did happen, I think at this time of the match, a bishop is consider to be value same a rock, even white suffers a loss from pawn structure, at least it is better than a loss.

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    well played hard to find those moves

  • 4 years ago


    That is why one of my sons is named Vassily

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    GTXexpress, I think Qe3 might be white's best move, even though:

    If 27.Qe3 then Bxd2, then Smyslov looks to trade Qs or Rs and the advantage is too much:

    A)28.Rxd2 Qc1+ (pinning the R to the Q) 29.Ke2 Rf8 (provoking a trading of the Rs, but threatening Rdxf4+) 30.f5 (my amateurish move) Rxg4!


    B)28.Qxd2 Qxd2 29.Rxd2 Rxf4 and white hasn't got the power against black's 2 Rs and much better pawn structure

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    what happens if Qe3? after the very last move

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    fantastic game.

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    great play by a great player and champion i still cannot figure out why with all his talent he didnt hold the world title longer i believe the answer to that question would be misha bottvinnik.

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