So You Think You Can... Solve Problems?

So You Think You Can... Solve Problems?

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I would like to offer a set of examples to solve. In all of them you have to evaluate some exchanges and make if not the strongest move, then the most practical decision. Some of the examples are very hard, therefore set yourself enough time, I would say 10 minutes per position. I annotated solutions to the problems, make sure you read them through. This set of examples would help to cement the previous material that I posted on the art of exchanges. Good Luck!


Example 1

Black is under attack, what to do?



Example 2

Do we castle or is there a better option? 


Example 3

Imagine that you have white in the following position and about 4 minutes on your clock. Having so little time lets say for 4 moves, you would want to play safely, not blundering anything and just making the time control.


Example 4

Who can resist the temptation of going into an endgame?

Example 5

This position is from my game, I did not choose the right continuation here, maybe you can find it?

Example 6

This is a typical Slav Defense position. Black would try to push e5 to undermine the center, while white needs to achieve e4...

Example 7

This is theoretical position from the Gruenfeld. White gave up a pawn for the exchange of the dark-squared black bishop. This let white pursue an attack starting with h4. Black also has a knight which needs three moves to enter the game. It seems white is all ready for attack, right?


Example 8

With the last move Bd8 black has offered the exchange of the bishops. Try to find white’s second move as well.

Example 9

Black is walking on a tight rope: white has a dangerous attack. There are two candidate moves that you have to evaluate: Qb6 and R:c1

Example 10

If you went through the previous 9 positions this one will be a treat to you. The ideas here are aesthetically pleasant.

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