Staunton Memorial Rd.5: Adams takes command

Staunton Memorial Rd.5: Adams takes command

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Round 5
Smeets 1-0 Wells
Werle 0-1 Van Wely
L'Ami 1/2 Sokolov
Timman 1/2 Speelman
Wade 0-1 Adams
Short 1-0 Chernaiev

Round 6

Adams vs. Short
Wells vs. Cherniaev
Speelman vs. Wade
Sokolov vs. Timman
Van Wely vs. L'Ami
Smeets vs. Werle

Mickey Adams continues his domination of the Staunton with a clean win over Bob Wade with Black, pushing his score to 4.5/5. Werle never overcame his weak b-pawn and fell to Van Wely. Short made Cherniaev's opening look like a joke but had to do some work to collect the point. L'Ami and Sokolov battled into the second session but eventually drew. Timman and Speelman, in a game rwminiscent of the 1970s, drew quickly.

Today's big game is Adams vs. Short. Can Mickey continue his winning ways with White, now 11.5/13 at last 2 Stauntons? We'll see. Tomorrow's post may be a bit late, the sponsor is hosting a reception after the round and drinks will be served. Tomorrow is the rest day, probably another rainy messy day.

Round 5 games:

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