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  • | Sep 8, 2011

What should I do now to improve my skills?... What videos will help my endgame?... Which lessons will make me a better strategist? At my level, should I be playing more or studying more?

... Sound familiar? Well, wonder no longer:

Study Plans bring uncertainty and aimlessness to an end, charting a clear path to chess improvement! Let's face it: There is a huge wealth of information & learning tools on, and these plans will help you navigate through it, with two goals:

  • to reveal the very best material for your current skill level, and...
  • to unify that content so that diverse yet complementary activities reinforce each other for high-impact learning and fast improvement!

    Plans for Beginning Players (Ratings < 1399)

    #1 Beyond The Basics

    #2 Beginners: The Opening!

    #3 Beginners: Tactics!

    #4 Beginners: Strategy!

    #5 Beginners: The Endgame!

    #6 Beginners: Bringing It All Together!

    Plans for Intermediate Players (Ratings 1400-1799)

    #1 Intermediate: The Opening!

    #2 Intermediate: Strategy!

    #3 Intermediate: Tactics!

    #4 Intermediate: The Endgame!

    #5 Intermediate: Bringing It All Together!


    Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually... 


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