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  • | Sep 8, 2011

What should I do now to improve my skills?... What videos will help my Endgame?... Which Mentor Courses will make me a better strategist? At my level, should I be playing more - or studying more?...

... Sound familiar? Well, wonder no longer:

Study Plans bring uncertainty and aimlessness to an end, charting a clear path to chess improvement! Let's face it: There is a huge wealth of information & learning tools on, and these plans will help you navigate through it, with two goals:

  • to reveal the very best material for your current skill level, and...
  • to unify that content so that diverse yet complementary activities reinforce each other for high-impact learning and fast improvement!


    Plans for Beginning Players (Ratings < 1399)

      #1 Beyond the Basics

      #2 Beginners: The Opening!

      #3 Beginners: Tactics!

      #4 Beginners: Strategy!

      #5 Beginners: The Endgame!

      #6 Beginners: Bringing It All Together!


      Plans for Intermediate Players (Ratings 1400-1799)

        #1 Intermediate: The Opening!

        #2 Intermediate: Strategy!

        #3 Intermediate: Tactics!

        #4 Intermediate: The Endgame!

        #5 Intermediate: Bringing It All Together!

        Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...


        • 11 months ago


          Thank You,, for the teaching, I`did just to ply,chess on window#7 and them wipe me out all the time,but know, they still wining, but not so easy.

        • 11 months ago



        • 11 months ago



        • 11 months ago


          These materials have been incredibly helpful in giving me a framework to improve my game.  Please keep up the good work on this.

        • 11 months ago


          For those waiting for the Advanced Plans (which is evidently many of you!), I have been running thematic tournaments featuring some of the opening systems suggested by IM Daniel Rensch. While you're waiting, you can train yourselves on these opening systems, in order to ensure that you are in fact ready for these Advanced Study Plans when they eventually arrive. Wink The Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack tournament is currently in registration.

        • 11 months ago


          When will advasd come?

        • 11 months ago


          Advanced players: take lessons with a coach or do that university thing. Smile

        • 11 months ago


          Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...

          I have waited for about 2 years. That was when I had another account with a annual diamond membership. It used to say "coming soon".

        • 11 months ago


          advanced players should know by know what to study on their own

        • 12 months ago


          The ansewer to GMWannabe15's qustion is 1. e4Nf62. Nc3e53. b3Bb44. Bb2O-O5. Qe2Nc66. O-O-O

        • 12 months ago


          POST ME the exact points awarded for chess coins

        • 12 months ago


          Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...

          how long do we have to wait?

        • 12 months ago


          Just went through every single beginner lesson... Only took 2 freaking years!

          Seriously though, this has been unbelievably beneficial for me. I only new how the pieces moved and still was uncertain of all the rules pertaining to castling when I joined. Now I won my first tournament on here 22-5-1 and am currently 1562 (online). $99 is sure a hell of a lot cheaper than private lessons and the guys that do all the videos, articles, and so forth, have dropped some serious knowledge on me. Thank you! You kick ass ;)

        • 12 months ago


          Desde que descubri esta pagina me siento muy estimulado en seguir jugando, tenia un programa en mi ordenador pero resulta aburrido jugar contra una maquina, ahora juego contra personas que piensan como yo.

          Gracias por existir y atender tan bien a sus usuarios.

        • 12 months ago


          These study plans really do help me.

        • 12 months ago


          @Abishek082006 this not good and not a solution

        • 12 months ago


        • 12 months ago


          me gustaria que los videos estuvieran en español.

        • 12 months ago


          Lol guide for advanced players didnt come for last 5-6 years not sure for exact number though i am %100 sure this part of site is untouched for many years

        • 13 months ago


          I am currently 2200 what do i study.

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