Study the endgames I

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Hello, everybody! I decided to write a series of articles on endgames, since I decided to study them so I can improve my game. In this, first article I will bring your attention to what can happen if your knowledge about endgames is not good enough. Many times players lose a drawn game or draw a winning position, just because of insufficient endgame knowledge.

In first position  a very famous player from the past resigned a game which he could draw if he would know for this typical stalemate. In his defence I can say in his time there was not so much information about chess like nowdays so players had to invent the theory not just to study like today.

In the second position black (very strong grandmaster resigned) where he could have an fairly easy draw. I will leave out the names and moves and let you think about it.

edit : I am not familiar with this article makeing feature so it looks like the diagrams are not in order i ment to be.