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Suicide chess players

Nov 22, 2007, 12:00 AM 2 Scholastics



Stanislav Goldovski
Stanislav Goldovski (1975-1999)


Stanislav Stan Goldovski was born In St Petersburg in 1975. He moved to Cologne around 1992. He was a student of computer science. Stan is known as the programmer of Giveaway Wizard - a program that plays suicide chess, and does it rather well. Stan Goldovski  was an enthusiastic player of suicide chess and was one of the organizers of an international meeting of players of suicide chess. Stanislav Goldovski was the only FICS suicide player with original note 4 : "I am sure, Losing chess may rival normal chess in profundity".

In the issue of March 1999 of Variant Chess, the very sad news of the death of Stan Goldovski was given. Stan died in January 1999 from cancer.

Stan Goldovski played suicide on FICS used handle StanGold, and you can see his finger here:

              rating     RD      win    loss    draw   total   best
Blitz 1516 322.7 4 5 0 9
Suicide 2173 288.6 358 308 30 696 2193 (26-Aug-1998)

1: Hello, I'm Stan Goldovski, 23-year-old, from Cologne, Germany
2: I love Losing chess! (known here as Suicide)


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