Sweet and Sour Chess

  • Dozy
  • | Sep 12, 2007

A couple of years ago I found myself on the receiving end of a surprise mate in a position I had expected to win. It was one of those odd-ball positions that crop up occasionally and after getting over the shock (and  giving my opponent full marks for not gloating) I realised that the amount of pleasure we enjoy from playing a brevity depends on whether we are the do-er or the do-ee.

That game resulted in an article called Sweet and Sour Chess for our local chess club web pages.  It contains nine brevities in which either king or queen was rapidly hounded to death.

Don't expect much erudition.  This is club-level chess with most of the players being members of Rooty Hill Chess Club--and all of them with an Australian chess rating below 2000.

It's at http://www.tinyurl.com/2pxd7f 


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    LYCAN148: nice! the first one looked pretty!  It was in a 15-minute team match and I just didn't see it coming.  He didn't even say, "Check" -- just sat there waiting for me to realise I had no options.  It must have looked funny from his side of the board:  it certainly looked a bit comical from myne.

    Your handle is a bit of a worry.  I wondered whether you might have been a lycanthrope or, perhaps, whether you got to the Land of the Long White Cloud via Lycan, Colorado where, I suspect, there are a lot of lycanthropes.

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    the firsdt one looked pretty!

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    hi figrock, it's so long since i posted that item i hadn't expected another comment on it.  but i think you're right ... it's better to come away from a game smiling, even if you did make a mess of it.

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    I have always tried to conduct myself in such a way that... if I won or lost a chess game...I ALWAYS tried to win the post game, "thanks for playing." The truly better man will shine with class!

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    very interesting


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    Very cool!
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    Interesting !!
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