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Tactical Patterns Everyone Should Know: The Crafty Queen

Tactical Patterns Everyone Should Know: The Crafty Queen

Nov 3, 2013, 12:00 AM 87 Tactics

The pattern of the Crafty Queen requires Qh3, Ne5 and a bishop on the diagonal b1-h7 (usually Bd3) for White, and the black king should be castled to the kingside. Superficially it looks like the white queen is only looking at a good opportunity to checkmate the black king by Qxh7#, but in reality, she is also looking towards a different path!  Here is one of the oldest games where this pattern occurred:

As you could see, the crafty white queen was hitting the enemy's pieces in both directions: h3-h7 and h3-d7. 

Here is a slightly more complicated example from a game between two famous Russian grandmasters:

Was it too easy? OK, here is even more complex combo:

Finally, let me present the most recent case of this typical pattern:

Since the pattern is very distinctive, I am sure you'll never miss it in your games!


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