Test Your Chess: Online Nations Cup Game Of The Day Lessons

Test Your Chess: Online Nations Cup Game Of The Day Lessons‎

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Are you following the FIDE Online Nations Cup? It's one of the most prestigious online events ever held with some of the strongest players on the planet participating and $180,000 in prize money. Check out the highlights of each day here:

Artemiev - Aronian: Day 1: Levon Aronian played great games at the ONC, but he got off to a rough start as Vladislav Artemiev beat him in a brilliant opening game. GM Simon Williams delivers a complete analysis!

Firouzja - Dominguez: Day 2: On day two of the ONC GM Firouzja and GM Dominguez played a wild game. Check out IM Levy Rozman's video analysis and see how the action concluded.

Anand - Nepomniachtchi: Day 3: Vishy Anand started day three with a 17 move crush against Ian Nepomniachtchi. How did he do it?

So - Adhiban: Day 3 Bonus: In round 6 of the ONC Wesley So defeated Baskaran Adhiban to lead the US team to a victory over India. Check out how he did it in a bonus game of the day!

Yu - Duda: Day 4: The Chinese team is dominating the ONC so far. See how GM Yu Yangyi led them to victory on Friday with a stunning attack against GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda!

Karjakin - Firouzja: Day 5: Alireza Firouzja is seen by many as a future World Champion. He demonstrated why today by beating a former World Championship Challenger, in Sergey Karjakin. Check out how he did it!

Caruana - Wang: Day 5 Bonus: The United States entered the final round needing a win against the great Chinese team to reach the finals. Fabiano Caruana helped them do it by scoring a quick victory against Wang Hao. Check out how he did it!

Yu - So: Playoffs:  How did Yu Yangyi lead China to a win in the ONC? Check out the game here and see if you can find Yu's moves!

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