The 10 Weirdest Chess Sets

The 10 Weirdest Chess Sets

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The last two weeks, we looked at the chess pieces most and least likely to survive the game.

Most of the time, those chess pieces will be the normal Staunton tournament set we all know so well.

When playing online, though, you can choose from a wide variety of chess sets on

The same is true in real life. While most of us play on vinyl or wooden boards with normal pieces, there is a dizzying array of weird chess sets available.

This topic was previously discussed in the forums, but here are the 10 weirdest real-life chess sets. 

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10. Glow in the Dark

via inventor spot

Want to play a game in the dark? All you need are 40 LEDs, copper wire, and some know-how, and you can make your own light-up chess set.

The whole set is powered by an old mobile phone charger. 

9. For the Birds

via Blogspot

Birds are among the most intelligent non-human animals, and now you can feel smart playing with this beautiful chess set.

Just don't fall into the trap of "parroting" your opponent's moves.

8. Want a Cookie?

via Blogspot

The key to winning on this chess set might be resisting the temptation to devour your own pieces.

Chess beginners sometimes call the act of capturing "eating," and that's exactly what you'll be doing on this set. 

7. Put a Cork In It

via Blogspot

This is a minimalist chess set you can make with what would otherwise be discarded corks.

Just don't "wine" about your losses.

6. Another Spirited Set


You can play with the liquor bottles intact, like above, or you can play a livelier version where you drink the captured pieces, as below:


Just don't play and drive. (And set up the board the right way next time.)

6. Oh My God, They Sac'd Kenny


It's appropriate that the often-killed Kenny is the pawn in this South Park chess set. 

Chef has been promoted from his job as elementary-school-cafeteria cook to king. 

5. Planting the Seed

Via OrigamaBonsai

This elegant chess set might be more beautiful to look at than to play with, but it certainly couldn't be called "garden-variety."

4. Vertical Integration


Have you ever played with a chess set hanging on your wall?

This vertical set might take some getting used to, but it does save a lot of space.

3. Talking Baseball


The Red Sox and the Yankees may have missed the playoffs this year, but you can play with them any time on this set.

2. Nuts and Bolts

via Blogspot

You've heard of chess software, but what about chess hardware?

1. Nested Chess

via cloudfront

No wonder the Russians are so good at chess.

There might be extra pawns and pieces hidden inside those matryoshka dolls.

What's your favorite non-traditional chess set? Let us know in the comments. 


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