The 6 Elements of Chess.

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  • | Jan 19, 2008

              The 6 Elements of Chess

                      By National Master Steve Colding

                     Introduction: Part 1

     Chess like a table, chair, you or me is made up of certain things. The essential qualities which make up the game we love are called elements. The six elements which make up chess are:

                                                  1) Space

                                                  2) Time

                                                  3) Force

                                                  4) Position

                                                  5) Harmony

                                                  6) Dynamics

          In this and future articles we will explain to you what each element is and how to recognise and take advantage of each. We will also explain to you the properties of each particular element and how to exploit them.

       The Law of Equilibrium

      In order to use the elements properly we must first recognise the Law of Equuilibrium in chess. The law of equilibrium states that the game of chess first starts off in a state of equilibrium.

      That is not to say that the position is equal. The position is balanced like scales and when White makes a move he tips the balance in his favor if it is a good move and in Black's favor if it is a bad move. If White keeps making good moves and Black keeps restoring the balance with equally good moves then the game should end in a draw. That is why strong players say that the perfect game of chess must end in a draw. This practice however, as you well know, if a far from easy one!

     The elements come into play because there are different types of advantages. Sometimes a player may sacrifice Force for space, or space for harmony or harmony for dynamics, in essence making little deals with his opponent to try to  get the advantage. That is the idea of what a gambit does. White or Black sacrifices some material for some other type of advantage in the hope that their advantage will lead to a decisive one.

    A player in practice juggles all of his elements planning that the elements he give to his opponents are less important than the one he takes. Now we must define what the elemes are:

                                        Space- The amount of squares you control

                                        Time -the amount of pieces you have developed

                                        Force- The amount of Pieces or Pawns you have

                                        Harmony- How well the elements work together

                                        Position- Your King and Pawn set-ups.

                                        Dynamics- Tactics

       Any advantage in any one of the elements can be decisive or an advantage in most of them might lead to defeat.    Next article : Space   


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    The seven elements of chess... Got it!

  • 9 years ago

    NM cldng


     To Aristokatt 

             You might just have something there! I will definately consider it! 

     Sicerely, Steve

  • 9 years ago


    For me there is a 7th element. State of mind. Sometimes when logging on to continue a game, I cringe at some of my past movesYell
  • 9 years ago


    i like the way you say this sixs chess game elements
  • 9 years ago


    I was only aware of 4 element in chess. Which are SPACE, TIME, FORCE COUNT, PAWN STRUCTURE. If fact, in the Amateur Chess Group, I explain them in my own words imporatant of knowing these element when playing out an endgame. Please I would like for you to take a look at them to see if I'm on the right track. It's in the form: Not much Chess disussing going on here.

    Thanks for the artical. I just learn something new. Smile

  • 9 years ago

    NM cldng

    To Fellippo, You are quite welcome and expect more in the future.
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    Thanks for this article.

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    I have used the term balance a lot, but I like equilibrium better.
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  • 9 years ago

    NM cldng

    My name is Ernest but all my friends call me Steve
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    NM GreenLaser

    Steve Colding are you Ernest? Or is it like Norm Rogers is Pete? 
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