The Anonymous Modenese

The Anonymous Modenese‎

GM Julio_Becerra
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Domenico Ercole del Rio (c. 1718 - c. 1802) was born in Guiglia, Italy, and was
a lawyer and author. He published a legendary chess book in 1750 under the
pseudonym "Anonymous Modenese” which was the basis of a work by Giambattista Lolli thirteen years later. He also wrote “The War of the Chessmen” and “The Incomparable Game of Chess”. He composed many chess problems.

There are two especially brilliant eras in the history of Italian Chess. The first one, occuring at the close of the sixteenth and beginning of the following century, was distinguished by the establishment of the celebrated “Neapolitan Club,” by the remarkable contests between the chess men of the Italian and Iberian peninsulas.

The second golden age comprises the latter half of the eighteenth century. Its centre of glory was the city of Modena and its chief ornaments were Ercole del Rio, known as the “Anonymous Modenese,” Domenico Lorenzo Ponziani, sometimes styled the “Autore Modenese,” and the friend and colleague of both, Giovanni Battista.

Del Rio died in Modena, Italy and he is considered to be the founder of the Italian School of Chess!

The giant building that chess is has been cemented by many chess lovers and today I wish us to enjoy together the chess creations produced by that beautiful mind that was Domenico Ercole del Rio.














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