The 5 Best Chess Apps By

The 5 Best Chess Apps By‎

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It's hard to beat the convenience of a smartphone. Anywhere you are, at any time of the day, you can pick up your phone and access everything that's connected to the internet. You can check your social media, read the news, catch up with your email.

Why should chess be any different?

Whether you want to improve your game while commuting or if you just want to squeeze in some bullet games while waiting in line at the bank, chess apps will make your life much easier.

We've selected the five best chess apps from and partners for your everyday chess needs: improving your tactics, learning critical concepts, analyzing games, playing against the computer and other players, and more.


Available on Android and iOS.

The obvious choice for number one, but it's really (by far) the best chess app for pretty much everything you'd want to do with the game. With this app, you can:

  • Read the finest chess articles online
  • Make new chess friends that are into chess
  • Watch instructive video lessons
  • Get better at tactics with more than 150,000 puzzles to train with.
  • And, of course, play live and daily chess with its more than 10 million users in the most beautiful user interface.

#2 ChessKid

Available on Android and iOS.

This app is perfect for students and beginners, with its focus on fundamentals, rules, and basic lessons. Don't miss FunMasterMike's hilarious videos. 

#3 Chess Clock

Available on Android and iOS.

It's a fully functional chess clock with delay and increment modes, and it's completely free. This app is the most portable chess clock possible, because you’re always carrying your phone with you.  

#4 Dr. Wolf

Dr. Wolf Chess App

Available on Android and iOS.

The ideal coach companion, he plays with you and explains everything, step-by-step. Complete beginners are welcome; good for intermediate players too. While you play chess, he teaches, pointing out strategic ideas and helping with mistakes. There are also twenty five lessons, going in-depth into each concept with ample opportunities for guided practice. Dr. Wolf himself is friendly, gentle, and occasionally witty.

#5 Twitch Twitch Chess

Available on Android and iOS.

Use this app to watch all major events and broadcasts, as well as every other online game you can think of. Check out the many event highlights available on Twitch, and hit the follow button to be notified when there is a live broadcast. 

What are your favorite chess apps? Let us know in the comment section. 

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