The 7 Best Upcoming Events

The 7 Best Upcoming Events

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Chess fans have a lot to look forward to at

If you like big-time chess events, you're going to love this spring. 

Yesterday, a charity fundraising simul hosted by world-number-nine GM Anish Giri online on's live server raised over $4,100 for the Nepal earthquake relief effort. But that was just the beginning of our spring event schedule.

Check out the best seven upcoming events.

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What: Qualify for the next Death Match vs. Maxim Dlugy

When: The entire month of May (ongoing)

Where: live server

Do you want to play against blitz chess legend Maxim Dlugy at the end of June? All you have to do is finish at the top of the live blitz ratings with a minimum of 100 games in May.

Get playing!


What: Bullet Brawls

When: Wednesdays — next on May 13

Where: live server, Twitch,, later on YouTube

Unlike the Death Match qualifier, you don't need a top rating to play in the weekly Bullet Brawls...but it helps.

IM Daniel Rensch takes on all challengers in bullet chess on Wednesday afternoons, streaming the entire event on

Follow Daniel Rensch on Twitter to receive alerts for the exact starting time of each brawl, and send him a challenge in the live chess server to play -- if you're lucky. 


What: FIDE Grand Prix

When: May 13-27


Follow the best chess journalism on the planet for one of FIDE's biggest events of the year.

With Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and more of your favorites playing, you won't want to miss any of our round-by-round reports.




What: IM Daniel Rensch’s puzzle marathon — 30 puzzles in 30 minutes

When: Sunday, May 31, 5 pm PDT, 8 pm EDT. 

Where: Twitch,, later on YouTube

IM Daniel Rensch is upping the ante big-time for his next daily puzzle challenge.

He barely missed solving seven puzzles in seven minutes last time...

...but at the end of May he is going to try a daily puzzle marathon the likes of which has never been attempted.

Can IM Rensch solve 30 puzzles with the clock ticking down? You definitely don't want to miss this event live on Twitch.


What: Improved Titled Tuesday

When: June 2

Where: live server, Twitch,

If you thought our last Titled Tuesday was exciting, with GM Hikaru Nakamura sharing first prize, you won't want to miss the next event. is doubling the prize pool for the event, from $1,000 to $2,000.

We are also adding prizes for the best game, the top female player, the top IM/WIM, and more. If you're a titled player, make sure you show up for this freeroll tournament. If you're a chess fan, watch our live coverage.

Check out FM Mike Klein's news report for all the details.


What: ChessKid National Championship

When: June 5-7


The best and brightest ChessKids will square off for our fourth annual online national championship this June.

Catch the best games by some of the up-and-coming talents in chess.

See the official press release for more information.


What: Death Match, Dlugy vs. qualifier

When: Tentatively June 26

Where: live server, Twitch,

Dlugy via Wikipedia

GM Maxim Dlugy is one of the strongest blitz players in the world, and you'll get the chance to see him take on the top-rated blitz player in the next Death Match.

With big money on the line and no time to slow down, will GM Dlugy be able to defeat his challenger? 

Tune in next month to find out.

Which event are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments section.

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