The Boa Constrictor, Part 2

The Boa Constrictor, Part 2

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Last week, I annotated a win over GM Nidjat Mamedov (viewable here). While the game against Mamedov may have made that line of the King's Indian look like a forced win for White, chess is rarely that simple. Continuing with the same theme of the boa constrictor, here's an older win, as black against the then-IM Chanda Sandipan, where there are a few more tactical decisions and important decisions for my opponent. As usual, expand the move list to see the variations.

Question 1: Ok, time for the first question. After 9...Bd7, what would you play as White: (A) 10.Be2 or (B) 10.g4?


Question 2: Now we reach a critical moment for Black - how should he continue with his development: (A) 17...Qe8; (B) 17...Rf4; or (C) 17...b6?


Question 3: After 21.g5, how should Black continue: (A) 21...Nf5 or (B) 21...Nf7?


Question 4: After 27.Rf3, how should Black continue: (A) 27...Rh1+ or (B) 27...Rf4?



To recap, there were a number of interesting moments in this game:

(1) The opening decision with 10.g4! instead of the "natural" 10.Be2;

(2) The incorrect 12.Nc3, when the logic of White's opening setup suggested that 12.exf6 was the correct continuation;

(3) The strategic decision to play 17...Rf4! instead of 17...Qe7 or 17...b6, as the rook move allowed Black to later triple heavy pieces on the f-file and exert pressure along the entire 4th rank;

(4) The lack of a strong response from white with 18.h3 instead of the correct 18.g5 - White was getting squeezed without any real counterplay, and he had a number of weaknesses. This should have suggested a more tactical response with 18.g5.

(5) The correct response to 21.g5 with 21...Nf7 instead of 21...Nf5. Black built up the Death Star on the f-file and then pried it open with the knight maneuver via h8 and g6 to h4.

(6) The decisions on move 24, 26, and 29 to avoid any complications and play in the most efficient and implacable manner. Black just continued with his plan to break White along the f-file.

And as per a request from last week, here's the entire game in one viewer.

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