The Cross-Pin

The Cross-Pin

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Here's an interesting tactic: the Cross-Pin. It is a simple, yet deadly variation of the pin, in which a player simulateously pins one piece to two or more other pieces. It is usually utilized by the bishop and the queen, and can be used as a double pin, a triple pin, etc.

Here is a dazzling example:

Black wins, as there is no defense. If White moves the queen away, then Black wins the bishop, and the game.

Here is another example of another brilliant cross-pin:
As you can see, the cross-pin is not only a deadly weapon but a fantastic way to turn the tables! It is a great way to win with finesse, or at the very least, gain some material.

Diagrams from Combinations, the Heart of Chess
Picture fromĀ  Michael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons