The eternal target at f7

The eternal target at f7‎

FM FM_Eric_Schiller
12 | Strategy

Most beginners know that f7 is their target as White until Black castles. You need to know that f7 doesn't get ignored after castling. It is often still the target. The games in this article show you how important it is to keep f7 on the target list.

In the first example, f7 is an early target but it comes back again and again until it leads to White victory.

In the next example, f7 is used as a decoy to enable White to win material on the other side of the board.

Next game shows a direct f-file attack.

An old example from Capablanca shows how persistent the weakness of f7 can be.

The next game featuires players who are not well-known, but has a familiar theme: f7!

I hope these examples make you think more about f7 after your opponent has castled!
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