The fallacy of "reversed" openings

The fallacy of "reversed" openings‎

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Many people seem to think that if an opening is good for Black it is even better for White with an extra tempo.  In fact, that is not the case.  The problem with such thinking is that it fails to take into account the fact when you play the opening with white.  You're often adopting a defense instead of an attacking scheme and more importantly, because you have an extra move you are forced to disclose your plans, a little earlier than you might want to.


Although I know this quite well, I still can't resist adopting the strategy, out of sheer laziness.  I know the Tarrasch defense so well for black that it always seems to be that when I can get the same position in the Panov Attack of Gruenfeld with white with an extra move that I should use it.  As it turns out, my results are not too bad.  I usually fall short against good players, though.


To illustrate this point, I present some games where I attempted to play in the first opening and it blows up in my face.  Let this be a lesson to you as it should be to me.  I should resist the temptation to play this variation, but unfortunately I seem to be addicted to it.




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