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The French - Tarrasch Variation 3...-Nf6

The French - Tarrasch Variation 3...-Nf6

Jun 21, 2014, 12:00 AM 8 Opening Theory

In this article I want to look at "Ngf3 systems" of the French- Tarrasch Variation,( the "Universal System" ) and I would like to explore an interesting and rare setup.

Black has many alternatives to the seventh move and can directly play on the centre with the uncommon idea 7....-f6 !?


Two days ago, an interesting novelty was played in the game :

WGM Congiu , M. VS  IM Bruno, F.  ( Forni di Sopra- Italy)

The strong novelty changes the verdict of the whole line.

Position before: 12....-Ndxe5!N: phpxa8fW0.jpeg

I added some interesting analyses on the subject.

Have fun and enjoy them!

Francesco Bentivegna

And now another very interesting game about the same line:

The last word from one of the most famous players of the World:

Francesco Bentivegna

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