The Godfather of Chess: Wilhelm Steinitz (II)

The Godfather of Chess: Wilhelm Steinitz (II)‎

GM Julio_Becerra
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“The Scientist”

In the Vienna 1873 chess tournament Steinitz unveiled a new "positional" style of play which was to become the basis of modern chess! Forget those wild attacks. Prepare a position and follow it through, using the logic of the position itself and not the chimera of a superficial attack. Wait, prepare- and then you must attack when the opponent’s position is shaky. If at that time you do not attack, you will have lost your advantage. Steinitz worked out the concept of strong and weak squares, of good and bad bishops, of strong Pawn structure, of close positions. He once referred to his style as “trigger chess.” It was a style based on a profound feeling for position!

Steinitz’s importance was not just as a player of the game.  He was also a profound thinker and teacher and became the most prolific chess writer of the nineteenth century.

Once again, and again, and again comes to light the same question: Who was the best chess player ever? Very difficult to answer! Epoch! Epoch! Epoch! Steinitz was a sort of Da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein. Has there been better than them? I do not think so! To create without previous information is very difficult, believe me!

Today I wish to analyze two games, two true gems of chess! That should be known by everybody: amateurs and professional chess players!


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