The Greatest Game I Never Played

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A little while ago I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Don't worry if you've never heard of it, you're part of the majority) playing in an open tournament where I was amazingly underated (My performance was 650 or so above my rating) which may have helped me a bit. But the reason for why I'm writing this occured in the third round game. The game itself is not terribly amazing, but I did lay a wondeful trap, one that I'm very proud of, that he didn't fall into, not because he saw through it, but because he missed the first move entirely.


Here are the first moves of the game plus the variation in question. Be sure to stop after Black's 11th move to see if you can see the continuation. There's another challenge here, as there is a drawing variation that mar's the beauty of my sac, see if you can find it (I couldn't).


 Now here's your chance to find the draw, I've set the position back up immediately after White's 10th move. Best play draws. Now go and make me proud.


I hoped you enjoyed those two games. For those of you still interested, I've annotated the complete game below. All comments are appreciated.


I hope you enjoyed all of that, and I would just like to add one more thing. A comment made by one the of the kibitzers when me and my opponent were going over the game and I had revelaed my Qb4+ combination. "Yeah, that's typical analysis of some rated 1300." (Perhaps he was bitter, as he suffered an upset loss in the first round to someone rated 500 points below him. I wonder who that was...)


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