The Greatest Game You've Never Seen

The Greatest Game You've Never Seen‎

FM FM_Eric_Schiller
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Most great games are almost hard to avoid. They are published in magazines and a variety of books and appear on websites all over the world. This game, which in my opinion contains some of Kasparov's best moves, did not get such a treatment.

Both players were a bit embarrassed by it because they made some inferior moves, but Kasparov's ingenious handling of the defense makes this an absolutely fascinating and instructive game.

I was fortunate to be present at the game and shared the disappointing amazement of the rest of the spectators when peace was declared in what seemed to be a very interesting battle.

Despite the fact that the game did not have a winner and did contain a few bad moves I still considered one of Kasparov's best, and Timman played quite well, too.

Enjoy the game and share it with your friends!



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