The High Window

The High Window

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When I used to attend the chess class at the Fremont Public Library every Friday afternoon, Richard Shorman often used to show us the games of Morphy and Capablanca. I tend to play crazy games these days (see the game with Bobras), but that sort of simple but precise chess has always appealed to me. Here's an attempt of my own to do some justice to Capablanca.

Question 1: What should White play after 8...0-0 - can he take the pawn on d5 with Nxd5, or should he castle kingside? (The reason will be a variation in the move list.)

Question 2: What should White play after 13...dxe4?

Question 3: What should White play after 17...Rb6?

Question 4: How would you assess the position after 24.bxa5 bxa5? (For the answer, read the annotation after the pawn exchange in the following viewer.)

Question 5: What should White play after 32...h4?


Here's the entire game in one viewer:

And for making it this far, here's the idea behind the title ...

"It was night. I went home and put my old house clothes on and set the chessmen out and mixed a drink and played over another Capablanca. It went forty-nine moves. Beautiful and remorseless chess, almost creepy in its silent implacability."

-- Philip Marlowe at the end of Raymond Chandler's novel The High Window

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