The important stuff

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     It has come to my attention that there are many important things in chess that nobody talks about. The true masters of chess don't say anything. We all know the opening principles and names to various tatics, but what about the principles of later play? There are thousands of pages and articles on openings we new guys are left hanging (I consider 2 allmost 3 years new.)

    There's almost nothing about later play(or I'm not looking hard enuf). Over the last 2 years I have picked up litle facts and quotes but relay nothing much. I guess the reason this is becuase it's mostly common sense like "control the squars in front of a past pawn." Well we all know that most people are "not too smart" and things like that need to be brought to attention. 

    So I say to you chess wizards out there: Help us out.

    If any of know a web page these Things to know, plese post it here.