The KID Samisch by GM Magesh and GM Arun

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This week we shall see the King's Indian Defence Samisch Variation. Samisch Variation in the KID is the most direct approach of refuting the KID structure. White protects the e4-pawn with f3 and starts an attack on the kingside with Be3,Qd2,g4,h4 etc. This idea often reminds one of the Yugoslav Attack in the Sicilian Dragon. 



The starting position of the Samisch variation. White's idea is almost clear as he intends to attack on the Kingside with the mentioned formation. But Black has several ideas to fight against this system. We thought the best way to show the readers the KID Samisch is by showing the game between two World Champions and arch rivals Karpov-Kasparov. 


This game is a clear example for Black's play as he sacrificed a pawn in the opening, gained the initiative and utilized every inaccuracy from his opponent. This game was a total disaster for Karpov as he was left with seven of his pieces on the first rank on the 22nd move!!




There was another incident which happened during this game on the 24th move. Kasparov: "After placing my pawn on d1, I automatically said: "Queen!" But there was no second queen on hand. If I had been more attentive, I would have said "Rook!", and placed on d1 with check my rook which had just been captured on a2. But as it was, I had to wait for a queen to be produced. But the arbiter, who apparently had something else on his mind, brought – a white queen! Here my patience snapped (all this was occurring at the expense of my own time on the clock) and, leaving my pawn on d1, I started my opponent's clock. At which point Karpov, in desperate time-trouble (one minute for 16 moves), instantly replied 25 Qxe4!!?. "You're in check!," I exclaimed in surprise. "From what? It might be a bishop on d1," retorted Karpov. The clocks were stopped and the ex-champion demanded that, in accordance with the rules, he should be given additional time: I had supposedly made an illegal move. Although in fact the illegal move had been made by Karpov himself! But, being one step away from victory, I did not bother to argue. The arbiter finally found a black queen, Karpov was given two additional minutes, and the game continued."


We hope the readers got an idea of how to handle the Samisch Variation.

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