The Last Romantic

The Last Romantic‎

GM Julio_Becerra
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Rudolf Spielmann (1883-1942) "The Master of Attack" and "The Last Knight of the King's Gambit"! He was a lawyer but never worked as one! He learned to play chess while still a boy and was exhibited in public as a prodigy. He loved complex positions and combinations which would give flight to his imagination, and in the age of Hypermodernism he seemed to be living in an earlier more romantic time!

“He brought to his undertaking every necessary gift: not only imagination and talent for combinations, but also unusual resourcefulness in complicated situations, in which he felt perfectly at home, probably owing to the fact that he learned the game as a boy.” Richard Reti.

He was Nordic Champion in 1919 and German Champion in 1927. Spielmann scored well in numerous tournaments against strong opposition such as: Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Rubintein, Nimzovich, Bogoljubow… etc.

Being Jewish, he fled Nazi Germany and went to Sweden. He passed away in Stockholm in 1942.

Today I want to share two typical gems of his with you, as well as ...








... a Homework assignment!!


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