The Most Amazing Bishop Moves

The Most Amazing Bishop Moves

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Last week, we discussed the trickiest knight moves. Today, we'll choose the most amazing bishop move ever!

I want to thank all the readers who contribute to our search for the ultimate chess beauty.

While it is difficult to choose which bishop move is the most amazing, it is easy to say which one is the most famous! I have no doubt that it is 17...Be6!! from the "Game Of The Century."

The position in the following diagram was reproduced thousands of times in books, magazines and chess videos. Moreover, the picture on the cover of Chess Review (December 1956) caught young Bobby just before he played his historic bishop move!

Unfortunately, when I was looking for the most amazing bishop move in chess history, I encountered the same problem described in the last week's article. The most beautiful ideas don't excite you that much after you've seen them hundreds of times.

Take for example the following famous Tal win:

What a beautiful idea to lock the opponent's rook with your bishop! Unfortunately, it was played again just four years later with even bigger effect. So, I am pretty sure that it was played many times before and after Tal made it famous.

Or look at Larsen's unbelievable 23...Bg4!! to ruin the coordination of White pieces. That was definitely a once-in-your-lifetime-move, right?

Now compare it to the next recent game:

How about one of the most paradoxical ideas of David Bronstein?

Well, I encountered it myself when I was 14 years old:

As you can see, it is pretty much impossible to find a unique idea that was never played before or after that particular game. Yet, I have my personal, unquestionable number one.

Yes, it is well known, but it still has its magic. What I like the most about this move is that even a beginner will be able to find it in less than a minute. That is if you ask him to find the worst move Black can play in this position!

As I mentioned already, this idea is not new at all. Moreover, Shirov himself played it seven years before his game vs. Topalov:

What are the most amazing bishop moves you have seen?

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