The New #ChessMonday Marathon

The New #ChessMonday Marathon

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You might have noticed a big change to the TV schedule the last few weeks. To bring you the best-possible chess viewing experience, launched the #ChessMonday marathon last month, packing each Monday with back-to-back chess shows.

The #ChessMonday marathon has been a big success so far, with viewership on and ratcheting up week-by-week. Chess fans can now enjoy a wide variety of programming each Monday, a day filled with chess instruction, spectacle, and entertainment.

The #ChessMonday schedule alternates each week, with a rotating slate of different chess shows. The anchor of the marathon, though, is IM Daniel Rensch’s Man vs Machine program, which kicks off the schedule each Monday at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern).

Each #ChessMonday marathon features about eight hours of nonstop chess programming, letting viewers tune in to their favorite shows multiple times during the day.

The full schedule can be found at Let us know which #ChessMonday show you’re most excited for in the comments or on Facebook.

More shows hosted by Simon Williams, Alex Yermolinsky, Melik Khachiyan, Irina Krush, and Maxim Dlugy are coming next week — but here’s a look at this Monday’s programs.

Man vs Machine: IM Daniel Rensch vs Stockfish at Material Odds — Noon Pacific.

#ChessMonday’s flagship program pits’s IM Daniel Rensch against the strongest open-source chess engine in the world in a variety of material odds positions.

IM Rensch runs a gauntlet of decreasing material odds to begin the show, starting a full queen up against the engine. When he beats the machine, he progresses to the next piece — the rook — and then down to a knight and hopefully single pawn odds before the clock runs out.

After the material odds challenge, IM Rensch will play fan-suggested positions against the machine until the end of the show, so make sure to submit your position in the or Twitch chat.

Hack Attack with IM Thomas Rendle and HongKongJohn — 1:30 p.m. Pacific

Next up in the #ChessMonday marathon is the popular Hack Attack show, where IM Thomas Rendle and “International Patzer” HongKongJohn take on members in blitz chess while commenting live on the games.

Make sure to challenge the hosts early on the live chess server for your chance to play.

Chessbrahs — 3 p.m. Pacific

No blurb can adequately encapsulate this crazy chess show hosted by GM Robin van Kampen and GM Eric Hansen. These two strong grandmasters stream their games amidst a chaotic milieu of loud music, unabashed dancing, and juvenile antics. You will never be bored watching the Chessbrahs.

Chess Therapy — 4 p.m. Pacific personalities JD Cannon, Shaun McCoy, and BrotherJosh bring together a group of intermediate players seeking collective improvement in this useful and instructional program.

Be sure to join the Chess Therapy group to participate in the show’s lessons and exercises.

The BIG Show with GM Robert Hess — 5 p.m. Pacific

There’s no greater chess spectacle than a simultaneous exhibition, and you’ll find one of the best on #ChessMonday. GM Robert Hess takes on 10 members at the same time while commenting on the games in his broadcast.

Learning from Chess Prodigies — 6:30 p.m. Pacific

Noted chess streamer and instructor FM Dalton Perrine makes his #ChessMonday debut with this analysis and teaching themed show.

Drawing upon his experience coaching some of the most talented chess prodigies around, FM Perrine serves up the most instructive games, tactics, and strategies in his curriculum for your benefit.

Remember to tune in to and for the #ChessMonday marathon. Let us know your favorite #ChessMonday show in the comments below.

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