The number one reason players lose chess games is...

The number one reason players lose chess games is...‎

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The number one reason players lose chess games is...


They move too quickly. First off, how long should a standard time control chess game last? The answer is 3 to 5 hours. Every titled player earned that honor by playing mostly five hour games and longer. I have a seven part blog series on how the Internet has changed chess and suffice it to say the conclusion is the Internet has sped time controls up. I consider Internet chess target practice to prepare you for real tournaments but you need to get the proper return on investment of your time.


The only reason I achieved a master rating over 30 years ago was because I played good old-fashioned postal chess. This allowed me to learn openings as I played the games, and develop my analytical skills as the middle game commenced. Today the post office has been replaced by the Internet where move transmission is instant. Many people hold the incorrect assumption that online chess is a substitute for over the board chess. If their opponent happens to be online why not get 5 to 20 moves in right now? I found most players who play online chess quickly do not look up their openings and commit major mistakes simply because they're not analyzing the position. The proof is in the videos I have made. Simply put, if you limit your game load and spend a few hours on a move, your results and strength will rise.


My free video lessons lays out a simple plan for you to improve which maximizes your study time. My video lessons group is the six largest on and growing daily. We run lots of online team matches that are highly competitive and frequently I allow us to be outmatched simply to get most of my team a game against a better player; a key to improving your chess. We have plenty of support systems in place, including an analysis thread where you may submit your games and our members will help you.


You may join my video lessons group here and be part of the fun:

My YouTube playlists have a variety of topics which will help you learn to analyze and see how a chess master thinks. Many times I play games live in discuss my thought processes I select my moves. You will learn a lot from watching these videos.


My world standard time control group is growing quickly with over 2600 members. We specialize in a time control of 90 30 which allows you thinking time comparable to eventual find in real life. In short at least a four hour game if you will take your time. It's easy to get a game. Post a seek in Live Chess and advertize on our group wall. You may join this group here:


I have also partnered with Bulgarian grandmaster Petar Genov. He has a study group here:


Again the number one reason players lose games is they move too quickly. There are many other reasons people lose including not seeing what your opponent is up to, launching a faulty plan, not developing pieces, and self-weakening one's position. My game commentary videos give examples of all of these and you will maximize your study time by watching and observing my methods. My program is for real. I teach chess full-time as word has gotten out of how I can help. I'm not looking for new students and will have a hard time fitting more in, but my free video lessons program will start you on the correct path. Thanks for your time.

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