The Philidor Defense

The Philidor Defense

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How do you respond to 1.e4? Have you ever tried the Philidor Defense?

GM Ben Finegold explores the main lines and sidelines of this lesser-used opening!

He will load you up with all the key lines and ideas you need to know, as well as possible reefs you need to sail around!

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Part 1 - Introduction  The Philidor Defense was the opening played in one of the most famous chess games in history. GM Ben Finegold begins his course on this old and familiar opening with an introduction.

Part 2 - Move Order Issues Move order is important in any opening, but it's especially crucial in the Philidor, where one false move can mean doom. GM Ben Finegold continues his lesson on this opening system in what he calls "the most important video" in the series.

Part 3 - The Main Line It's time to get into the heart of the Philidor defense with the main line. Learn from the openings expert GM Ben Finegold as he shows you the first lines you need to know.

Part 4 - More Main Line GM Ben Finegold shows you the rest of the main line in the Philidor Defense in his comprehensive series, Learn what to do in this familiar opening from one of the world's top opening experts.

Part 5 - Shirov Gambit  Gambits in chess openings are not only fun to play, but can be very effective if your opponent is not familiar with the line. Here GM Ben Finegold teaches you the Shirov Gambit in the Philidor.! 

Part 6 - Exchange Variation It's more Philidor as GM Ben Finegold teaches you the important exchange variation of this opening. Learn from one of the world's foremost opening expert Grandmasters in this comprehensive series.

Part 7 - Exchange With Bf4 GM Ben Finegold continues his deep look into the Philidor Defense with a lesson on another exchange variation. Learn the ideas behind the games where White plays Bf4 after exchanging.

Part 8 - Early f5 For Black What happens in the Philidor Defense when Black plays the aggressive move f5 quickly? The openings expert Ben Finegold tells you how to play this system from both sides of the board.

Part 9 - Early Bxf7 What happens when White tries a quick Bxf7 sacrifice in the Philidor? You might be surprised at how quickly the game can be lost. GM Ben Finegold teaches you this important opening idea.

Part 10 - Ng5 And Sacrifice What happens when you or your opponent wants to spice up the Philidor with a dangerous sacrifice? GM Ben Finegold shows you a bishop sacrifice after playing the set-up move Ng5.

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