The Power Of The Knight

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The Knight is powerfull in so many ways. The fork is a good one of these. What is the Fork? So easy! The fork just like Double Attack! Is prepairing to capture two pieces but no one of the pieces can capture him! Who piece will survive? One example here:








 The forks happen with the King too.


The Double Check is one of them too. Is the knight moves and make check, but pieces can capture him but not are allowed. Why? Have an other piece making check too! One example here, but that is mate with the Double Check:







Have one here more to explain! Discovered Checks! The Discovered Checks is maked by a piece in the back of the knight and if he retires of the place makes the check! Thats the Discovered Check! Look these:











Funny'n'easy chess problems

1.Having to know the use of the knight powers:





















2. funny mates in 1: