The Setting

| 3 | Opening Theory

It seems to me as though playing chess is like a lot of things, it contains options to a point. Winning is very difficult and requires the correct atmosphere and endless patience with unforced errors and such like. Of course the opening is very important, giving other people chances is a positive aspect and makes the game fair. But it is to play a powerful opponent and equal their brilliance and even to teach that forms the most difficult relationship of all.

I find that with chess, I play much better when I feel the pieces in my hands and set the board up piece by piece. To achieve that is something much more difficult, but when our dinner is put before us it is very easy to eat it. Thus the dealing with the digital realm forces the commercialised versions to expand and contribute an easily accessable experimental space.

So we know what we know and we see what we see. My father told me I should always eat the best thing on my plate, I agreed (not that I started winning at chess), the beginning is very difficult; more often than not it becomes the most interesting time of the whole game, the deciding tactic is how the hunter takes on the hunted. Remember, the hunter is catching game, it is a passing moment based on patience that decides the game. Slipping up, depression is caused by the loss of impression.